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The silk

Our Silk

The quest for perfection comes from a far and has come a long way since.
The first traces of silk manufacturing bring us to China around 4.000 BC. and from the silken robes that were limited to the emperors. A subtle and precious thread leads us through the ages and civilizations in the name of one unique and coveted pleasure: perfect comfort.

From cocoon to filling.
The silk threads are unravelled from the cocoon and washed in water to refine their shine and flexibility: during this process not a single chemical product is used. The threads can reach lengths of up to 900 metres, but are still laid out by hand layer upon layer to create the destre consistency, warmth and homogeneity.

The quality of pleasure.
Silk is both the strongest and lightest of all natural fibres and its touch offers an incomparabile sensation of softness.
Biancoseta uses only the most priced quality of silk in both its duvets as well as its linens. This way, we can offer products that last for years, for you to enjoy.